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I started working for a different painting company and subcontracting for larger painting companies and I saw what I believed to be a general flaw in the industry.  All the aim was at simply finishing jobs, spending as little as possible on the paint and materials, and moving on to the next job. There was no aim at providing a quality service, and using quality products that would last over time.  I am sure none of those customers ever referred us or used us again.  After a time I realized that I would be a happier person and feel better about what I did everyday if I started my own business and did things that I believed in and felt good about.  Instead of piling up jobs and simply trying to get them done as fast as possible and as cheaply as possible,  I strive to use to best quality products and make the paint job last for as long as possible.  I also do this at a price that is at or below what most painters will charge to do an inferior job.  I believe that happy customers will lead to more referrals and more repeat business.  It is working!  More than 75% of my new business comes from referrals! Read what our customers have to say.




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David Schaeffer

Phone: 913 5228857

Email: davethepainterkc@gmail.com

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17331 S Agnes St
Gardner, KS 66030

Phone: (913) 522-8857

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There is still time to get your exterior painted this fall before winter hits, Dave The Painter has openings for exteriors!



Dave The Painter proudly uses Sherwin Williams Products.

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